Saturday, March 24, 2012

Spring Break Adventures with Colors

Hello Everybody,

Hope you all are enjoying the pleasant weather & all the new things in spring.
Get ready to have fun with colors again here in our Party Crafts.

With Spring break here we came up with few ideas that will keep the kids busy.

Tie Dye Shirts(Not sooo original way)

Spring Blooms

Party Crafts

Here at our party crafts we have come up with some ideas that will chao your child & their friends to do really funfilled crafts during your party.
Be it a Birthday party or any other occasions, our team is ready with lost of ideas according to your child's intrest. You know the best part here, its not running around for return gifts or for some readymade games and crafts. We take care of that, just contact us & we will make sure every kid in your party is going home with a happy smile and a memorandom with him or her.

Below Gifts can be ordered to make in our workshop ready to give or you can contact us to get the crafts done at your party.

Below are few ideas that we did with our recent party friends.

Venetian Face Mask For Boys and Girls

Venetian Face Mask For Girls

Girls Purse

Dragon Heart Necklace For Boys

Jewelry Set For Girls

Mosaic Photo frame

Summer photo Frame

Sports Theme Photo Frame

Photo Frame

Girls Wooden purse or Treasure Box

Fossil Treasure Box

Book Marks(Can be custom made according to the Birthday theme)

Block printed T- Shirt
Blocks made out of Potato
Shirts can be customised with the receiving kid's name

Block printed T- Shirt
Blocks made out of Potato
Shirts can be customised with the receiving kid's name

Foam Face Masks

Saturday, March 3, 2012


Hello Everyone,
Welcome to our Blog.
We are two friends with many hobbies and would like to share some of them with you all.

We are excited to showcase our work through this blog. Hope to inspire you and get inspired by your expert comments and valuable suggestions.

If you are looking for articles which are artistic, traditional and useful at the same time then the pictures below will be just what you want. You can decorate your homes with these articles or gift them to your loved ones or business associates on the special occasion.

Puja Thali Decoration Or Can be used as a Rangoli

7 Piece Rangoli

Same 7 piece Rangoli in different patterns

Reusable Rangoli

Tea light Candle Holder
It is a Yellow holder with White Rhinestone​s

Floating  Rangoli

Pillar candle Holder

Blue wave tealight Candle holder

Flower tealight Candle holder

Tealight or Pillar candle holder

Medium size Tealight Candle holder

Small candle holder


Jewellery Gift Box (also can be used for Thambulam)
Gift Box

Lady bug theme gift box